29 December 2013

1939 battle for Lwow mega battle part 1 of 2

This will not be much of an AAR as the whole event was hastily and poorly scrambled together just a few days before it took place. It would be a very casual affair, with people bringing whatever they had in their collections that would work for Early War  though all ratings, points and platoon structures were taken from my own September Campaign v2 book of OoB.

The Poles fielded 5.500 points, which was almost my entire Polish collection (leaving out the motorcycle infantry and mounted cavalry as they were too hard to transport). The combined Soviet, German and Slovak force had some 8000 points. Points and company structures were really unimportant, and there would be no company morale tests or anything like that either.

Instead the whole thing would be based around victory points given for accomplished feats and capture of victory locations on the board. Most of the Polish army would start in Lwow and around the city in prepared defenses, while the Polish tank forces would arrive as delayed reserves (along with the train). The opposition would arrive as reserves, and delayed reserves, from two edges of the "L" shaped table.

With a 12 turn limit, divided into "2 days" each with a night turn during which points for holding victory locations would be awarded the game had a framework of basic rules.  It may not have been the most immersive epic battle that we have played, but hopefully not the most boring mega battle either. If anything the event was an excuse to air my Polish collection and to allow the guys to roll some dice and push Early War miniatures around on the table.

Of the 90+ pictures that turned out OK I've split them into two parts, and you will be able to watch half of them today - and I will be posting the second half tomorrow - along with some thoughts we had about large table spaces and things that have to be fixed for FoW to really work in a mega battle setting.

Oh, the only real rule that I strongly enforced was that all tanks and vehicles keep a 1" space between them - as I really hate the sight of a tank-phalanx to be caught on picture. Tanks that were wall to wall were +1 to hit.


  1. Wonderful scenario: great fun to read. The armoured train catches the eye especially.

  2. Very impressive stuff!
    Interesting with the 1" apart rule for tanks. I have often been put off by FoW AARs simply because how the tank units looks on the table. I have no clue of FoW rules but I guess you can protect your tanks sides by placing them close together like that? Anyway, great to see a way of dealing with that problem - and the result is beautiful!


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