29 December 2013

1939 battle for Lwow mega battle part 2 of 2

Summing up the victory points of the battle the end result looked like this:

Day 1: Polish side 5 Victory points, Axis side 2 Victory points
Day 2: Polish side 3 Victory points, Axis side 4 victory points

Bonus VP to the Poles for having destroyed more than 50% of the Soviet tank force.

Bonus VP to the Axis for having destroyed the Polish train, killed at least 1 Polish company commander, destroyed at least 6 Polish tank platoons.

Polish total VP: 9
Axis total VP: 10

Some thoughts that I realized around halfway through the battle - the German edge should have been reduced by 1 table size (2x4) as it took them a long time to fight through the thin outer defense lines before reaching the city edge. Also the two Axis forces should have swapped deployment zones as the Soviets had a LOT more troops compared to the German/Slovak side.

One thing we all agreed upon is that artillery, in these type of battles, really must have the range to reach every corner of the table. The range restriction written for all artillery units may be "OK" for regular sized tables and battle - but artillery really need to work the way it is supposed to and fire from across the entire battlefield. Something to keep in mind for any future event.

Moving over a large table with your units has always been an issue in every mega battle that we have played. I attempted to somehow remedy this by making the victory locations become "spawn points" from where units could be deployed once captured by the Axis. Still, with huge distances to cover the table size becomes an enemy of its own to everyone involved. In one way it offers a realistic take on infantry troops advancing slowly on foot while vehicles drive by much faster. On the other hand it simultaneously creates a somewhat frustrating and uneventful situation when you have to push infantry forces several table lengths before actually being able to do anything with them.

Motorized troops would of course be one answer, playing on a differently shaped table with closer distances to the enemy would be another. However what I have always wanted, and not yet fully been able to experience in FoW mega battles are these "skirmish battles" that matter - a few platoons fighting for an important road crossing, a village etc with the larger battle raging in the background. The battlefields too often tend to offer only the main attraction and then empty spaces that are transport stretches for your troops to move across. Another thing that adds to the difficulty of creating a truly large and living battlefield with lots of interesting locations to fight over while not  cluttering the battlefield  is the table size itself - and the difficulty it creates for players to move or even reach their models on the tableas it swells in size.

I have no real idea how to work around the issue other than attempting to build tables that are oddly shaped, which as such offer a larger playing area, and perhaps using smaller forces (what's probably needed is playing mega battle in a smaller scale such as 6-10mm but that is not something me or anyone in my group would be interested in when we have huge collections of painted up 15mm WW2 models!).

Anyway, the goal of this event was to hang out and push some models around the table and to offer a slightly different theme on the FoW. I had really no time or energy to put together a sophisticated well planned game - and past attempts to encourage Early War/Poland 1939 games had been met with very limited interest and have in turn jaded my own interest to put things like this together. As such I really happy to just have the guys (we were 7 in total playing this game) show up and play with a very short notice.


  1. I´ve played alot of FoW big games and its really hard to get right. The once i liked best so far is the once with "deeper" tables, on 180 cm depth table its still possible to reach the center. Another way to play larger games is to have several smaller tables that are linked. The biggest problem though is to find a pace so that you dont get long waits for some players as became evident i this game. The german attack was really quick turns (more space, fewer troops), the soviet attack was not that quick for obvious reasons. I dont mind waiting but some do! :)

    Though, thanks for arrange it!

    ...I really do think there has to be ha Flashback topic about this!

    1. ...hmmm, arrange is probably not a word anywhere, sorry!

      Thanks for bring it all together anyhow! :)


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