20 December 2013

Back again, and blogging from the new apartment

Having picked up a new stationary computer and tinkerered with installations (and actually managed to fully salvage my old hard drive and its content!) I am finally about to resume posting content on the blog again.

I also started my Christmas vacation which will last until January 7th so there will hopefully be plenty of time for wargaming, painting and hobby related stuff- and the blog should be back to the 3 posts per week at the very least.

I'm going to take up blogging from my new apartment by sharing some pictures of the apartment itself. It's a tiny crib but the location of the apartment in this small town where I live is pretty damn good - grocery and liquor store across the street, two pizza joints and a Asian restaurant some 50 meters away, bank and ATM around the corner and the postal service barely 150 meters away.  The train station is also within a 7 minute walking distance which is a huge
improvement as I no longer have to walk across half the town.

Pretty fast broadband connection, fairly cheap rent and no crazy or noisy neighbors.

When I got the apartment I was mostly worried sick that I would not have enough space to stash all my stuff - but it turned out that with some new furniture - I managed to squeeze my entire miniature wargaming collection, movies, books and boardgames into the living room which also features a kitchen corner. My dad instantly remarked that I now live "like Seinfeld".

I'm still waiting for some pretty cool posters to arrive from allposters.com so I can pimp the bedroom to the same standard as the living room.

Anyway, it's good to write again and I hope the break didn't scare away all of my readers!


  1. Cool apartment! kind of makes me long for the pre marriage days.

  2. Congrats Anatoli, that's a sweet setup. Totally beats the pants off of my last solo-living apartment prior to me moving here to the US.

  3. Your own place, a job, next thing you know you'll be getting married and wargaming will go out the window ;-)

  4. Nice place, I really should get some cabinets like that instead of piles of box files!

  5. Great place!
    Welcome back to the blogosphere mate, you were missed!

  6. Nice place! Good to have you writing again, we have missed you.

  7. That's a great looking apartment. I hope you have some good times there. Looking forward to the resumption of your blogging. Take care.

  8. Looks very cool. Enjoy!
    p.s. Where is the game room?

    1. Sadly there is little to no place for gaming at home, I can unfold the kitchen table to make it slightly larger and then place two 2x'4' boards on it to make a small 4x4' playing surface if I want. But no room for normal sized games or really anything beyond small scale skirmish battles :-/

  9. No worries Anatoli, I was teasing you a little bit. We had our share of multiple function game/living rooms for a very long time! Greetings from Belgium! We wish you the best!

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  11. Your new apartment really deserves to be featured in your blog. :) It was gorgeous! It’s been only days since you moved there. So how is it, so far? Well, it seems that you’ve found a great place. It’s very comfortable and accessible to everywhere.
    Myra Hayes @ Corporate Housing


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