21 December 2013

Dreadfleet: The Gauntlet AAR

A short AAR from a Dreadfleet game me and my buddy Daniel played a few weeks ago down at the club. The scenario was "The Gauntlet" in which the Grand Alliance ships have to escape off the opposite  table edge, while the Dreadfleet ships attempt to stop them.

The middle of the table is lined with cliffs,  creating bottlenecks, and as always the game had a 6-turn limit.

This proved to be a pretty challenging scenario, especially with the wind blowing in such a way that most of my ships were "caught in irons" and had reduced movement during turn 1.

In order to win as the Grand Alliance player a majority of the ships must make it off the table, so naturally the Dreadfleet focused on the weaker ships - such as the Flaming Scimitar and Seadrake. The Elven ship was quickly attacked by the Black Kraken which is an absolute beast in close combat - and was soon ripped apart. Meantime the rest of both fleets traded shots, and the Curse of Zandri and the Skabrus were badly beaten up - the former began to slowly capsize.

For a brief moment it looked as if the Grand Alliance ships would breach the defense, but in the end they rolled poorly on their ranged attacks and boarding actions and were overwhelmed. The biggest dud was the ramming attack of Heldenhammer which failed to inflict a single damage card on the Black Kraken!

Pretty intense game, and it showed once again that the Black Kraken must be destroyed as soon as possible, because it is too dangerous to be allowed to make contact with another ship. The close combat bonus for the mechanical tentacles is often unmatched even in a 1vs2 situation.

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