15 December 2013

Not dead, but my stationary computer is...

Well after a prolonged move I am finally settled in, things took longer than anticipated - repainting the apartment, buying and assembling new furniture and then a delay to get my new broadband connection up and running... But just as everything was complete my stationary computer decided to die - so I have ordered a new one which should be ready to be picked up next week.

Quite frustrating as I have some new stuff to share, among other things I received two review samples from "First to fight", the 20mm Early War/Invasion of Poland range. Models that will be reviewed are the TKS tankette with 20mm gun and the PzI tank.

I also have a few game reviews in the pipeline Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition, GTA5 and The Cave - all for PS3

There are also a few movie reviews, a Dreadfleet AAR and some other stuff  that have piled up but which all require a proper computer - I just hope that I will be able to salvage my harddrive as there are a ton of wargaming material on it.


  1. "Buying and assembling new furniture". So how many shiny new IKEA allen wrenches do you now own? Personally I keep trying to find a gaming use for my collection. Perhaps pipes in a piece of factory terrain? I'm I'll come up with something eventually.

  2. Assembling IKEA furniture is a real pain in the ass - especially when they have ten parts to assemble something really simple. Reminds me of overly complex model-kits where you have to assemble every link of the tracks on a tank *shiver*.

    Threw away most of those allen wrenches, I could not think of any use for them once the furniture was assembled :-/


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