01 January 2014

A new year for the blog

With a new year ahead of me I have joined the other half of the gaming community - "those with the money but with little spare time". As such it will be a bit of a challenge to keep up but hopefully still interesting to blog. I reckon I finally have the means to buy and try out stuff that I never could when I was a student and then unemployed for a year. I have even been considering to hire someone to paint parts of my lead pile, we'll see how that goes.

Things I hope to do this year is to put together a proper By Fire & Sword tournament, a much delayed event but hopefully the local gamers here in Sweden have received their kickstarter items and began painting their miniatures in order to be ready for a tournament at the end of January (if all goes well).

There has also been talk about traveling down to Poland during spring and participate in one of the Wargamer.pl official tournaments at a skirmish level - which in turn requires me to finally start looking around for a real army transport for my By Fire & Sword collection.

Apart from a trip to Poland  on the horizon, I also hope for another visit to Salute. This year I will attempt to get some games and hang out rather than run around looking for stuff to buy as the main attraction. Hopefully West Wind and Wargamer.pl will attend this year as well so I can get a chat with Andy and Wendy Cooper as well as Konrad Sosinski and the rest of the wargamer crew.

I also need to paint up my final units for the Polish WW2 and Renaissance armies I have, most of it is already assembled and based - just need to paint them (and get more paint and basecoat colors before I can start). There has been some difficulties painting in my new apartment as the lightning in the bedroom sucked but have hopefully been resolved with a new lamp I got a  few days ago. I also have a pile of lovely Empire of the Dead miniatures and that half forgotten 6mm American Civil War army that I would love to finish (the latter is probably what I'll attempt to hire a painting service for).

It will be difficult to increase the number of posts from 3/week once I start to work again next week, and even if I did it would be hard to provide any meaningful content. So sadly the 3 posts per week will stick around for a foreseeable future.

Wargaming 2014:

Play a BF&S tournament
Get division sized games, campaign format and multiplayer games of BF&S
Play a campaign of Empire of the Dead
Get some ACW games played in 6mm
Find some cool models from Reaper for the Brink of Battle fantasy supplement and build a "static" warband.
Play more Chain of Command, Musket & Tomahawks and Edge of the Empire RPG


  1. Looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings sir! I've been in a similar situation myself, funds have finally caught up with hobbying ambitions but time has drastically reduced. Really looking forward to seeing the Polish WW2 and Renaissance stuff in particular, but it all sounds superb! All the best for the new year

  2. sound great! ill join you in some of those:) id like to stark with eote and then some intensive eotd.

  3. Nice to see that you've still got time to blog at all, to be honest. A job certainly eats up time and energy, and many things tend to fall by the wayside as a result. So, I think most of us are simply happy that you're still wanting to continue blogging ^^


  4. Ah, similar problem here- when I finally overcame my financial problems, now I dopn't have that much time and as a result started paying for painting my stuff.
    My blog also suffered quite badly in last couple of months. Happy New Year!

  5. It would be great fun to play some more BF&S, I am painting my muskovites (in between, some more SS for Bolt Action and Ito clan for Bushido)
    Maybe you would like some games of FoW, with your September campaign lists?
    And I am all for a EotD campaign, just have to buy and paint some models. Who is playing it down at SF?


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