17 January 2014

BF&S Polish enlisted infantry banner

Had a day off from work today (part of a compensation for working two full weeks + weekends in a row) so I finished my enlisted infantry for By Fire & Sword. I had been waiting for these minis for a long time before they were released, and I like them so much that I will get two more blisters so that I can run a full squadron as part of a Nobility militia regiment. They will suck due to their low training and equipment but will be a ton of fun to play.

The unit is available to both Polish and Lithuanian armies as part of Nobility militia regiments, and you can also field them as divisional support units. I must finish my scratch built cavalry obstacles which these guys can deploy at the start of a battle.


  1. Great looking figures, I love your paint jobs on them.

  2. Sweet looking unit. I have same guys on painting table and You just made painting them a bit more challenging. :-)
    Noble regiments seem have loads of character. Painful that they take the same spot as dragoons, reiters or foreign infantry regiments.

  3. I had to do a double-take on these guys - the uniform colors and flag made me wonder if it was a historical unit - very eye-catching! Best, Dean


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