03 January 2014

Defeated by 6mm

What a great way to begin a new year in the hobby by giving up on painting a specific project ...In this case my 6mm ACW Confederate army. I just can't adjust myself and my style to this scale, I also find no enjoyment painting these miniatures. The amount of time it takes for me to finish a small unit is just absurd and probably five times longer than it should have taken me.

I still look forward to playing this period as I find it very interesting and think the 6mm scale is right for the project, but I am just unable to paint the stuff myself. As such I hope to find a painter here in Sweden willing to paint them up for cash. The army is not really that big as you can see in the list below with the basing explained:

Bases 2x2cm & 2x4cm (counts as two bases)
Cavalry = 3 miniatures per base
Skirmishers = 4 miniatures per base
Line infantry = 2 strips / 8 miniatures per base

5 command bases

6 skirmisher bases + 3 bases of skirmishers in line formation

12 bases of dismounted cavalry + 4 bases of horse handlers

21 cavalry bases

3 Line infantry regiments of 10 bases each

Stuff that is already painted or in WIP stages that will be finished by myself:

1 Regiment of line infantry

1 Regiment of Confederate Zouaves

5 bases of artillery.


  1. I cant even see 6mm let alone attempt to paint it

  2. They look good - definitive colors, but as Andrew says, they must be very small to the naked eye. In fact, I initially thought the rear unit were Napoleonic Austro-Hungarians! The draw must be the look of massive amounts of troops on the table. Best, Dean

  3. its a sad thing that you dislike painting them as they are some of the best 6mm figs I've ever seen. none the less i can't fault you for it. 6mm aren't that fun to paint and a hobby ought to be fun. ill do mine quickly and good enough. nothing more. i too want to try them out.

  4. Hi Anatoli

    Don't give up just yet, I had the same problems when I first started painting 6mm Napoleonics. The first unit took an age to complete, but, once I'd got used to the scale I sped up considerably. I can now paint over 150 infantry figures in a week as I don't paint as much detail as when i first started. ^mm is all abut the mass effect not what the individual figures look like.

    The ones you've painted so far look really good.


  5. You need to get your 6mm legs so to speak when I played Epic it took me several tries before I could get comfortable with the scale but comfort did come in time.

  6. As the others say, it takes a while to get used to painting 6mm. That said and done, if after trying again you still need to find someone who can paint them for you, give me a shout, I may be able to do them. I live in the Stockholm area, so not round the corner, but at least still in the same country.

    Some samples of my work on my (rather inactive) blog: http://dalemunk.blogspot.se/2010/02/more-swedish-gnw-troops-painted.html so you can check if my painting style matches yours.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, I will give them another attempt in the near future. Getting some inspiration from ACW movies and the excellent Brothers vs Brothers mod for Empire total War at the moment!

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