09 January 2014

Empire of the Dead: Gentlemen's club vs Bedlam brotherhood

My buddy Thomas was eager to play some Empire of the Dead so we squeeze in two games last weekend. I myself wanted to give the Bedlam brotherhood a test run so Thomas played the Gentlemen's club and I played Bedlam brotherhood.

150 shilling per list made it impossible to play with all characters of the Bedlam brotherhood and I was limited to Parson, Tank, Nipper, Hat man, Eatmybear and Ninja Bob. Gave them cheap equipment, they are treated as a neutral faction with the same equipment list as the "Brotherhood" with the exception of not being able to purchase any exotic weapons (those have to be looted or stolen).

I didn't bring Alice into the list because my list maxed out quickly, and she also has a special rule where she releases her cat (which I thought would require an appropriate cat miniature on a separate base).

The Bedlam brotherhood (named) characters are an expensive bunch mainly due to their double special rules. First you have the faction special rule for all named characters "Driven to the brink", which gives them +1 to Strength and Fortitude in their next close combat attack if you pass a D10 roll of 6+, with the tradeoff being that you get +1 on the wound chart if you lose combat.

On top of that each character has his own special rule, these are less common, mostly requiring rolling 8+ to get the benefit of the rule but the effects range from average to good bonuses. There is really nothing bad about them, and they can get heavy pistols, hunting rifles etc so they are not necessarily restricted to close combat despite their appearance.

In our two games the special rules for the Bedlam brotherhood didn't save them from a crushing defeat, and they only managed to win by luck in the second encounter. As such it is too early to say whether or not they are too expensive or how big of an impact their special rules make. It is however fun to have some active effects from the get go. Most memorable moment of the games we had was when Eatmybear, during game 1, threw his teddybear and hit the lady rifleman square in the face causing her to become "discombobulated" - then charging with the "Driven to the brink" bonus only to roll abysmal on the attack dice and lose combat (getting one arm broken in the process).

I do however miss a faction special rule about being immune to the "off to Bedlam" result on the injury table.

Anyway, enough talk - here are some pictures from our two games, featuring the excellent  cavern tiles made by Thomas.


  1. Very nicely painted models & now you've got me thinking with what I take it are either blood spattered wound counters? Or do they show a dead miniature...very cool marker which I may have to replicate!

    1. The blood splatter tokens are both used to show where characters were wounded and where they were killed, and it allows you to follow the carnage on the table as the game goes on :-)

  2. Good review and report, thanks for sharing... I suppose they must go back to bedlam if they just become that little bit more unhinged from the game!

    I think one thing with this game is not to take it too seriously... I wouldnt think about making that killer tooled up faction... just take stuff for the fun of it and have an enjoyable storied game from the scenario...

  3. Awesome to see the bedlam brotherhood out for a game. I agree with Scott re bedlam and them going back. In fact maybe there should be a higher risk of being sent to bedlam as surely bedlam staff will be looking to return there patients after all their reputation is at stake . Being a psychiatric nurse I know how they might feel!

  4. Great games and a very interesting cavern table you have there.


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