07 January 2014

Polish motorized 75mm artillery

Half a battery of Polish motorized 75mm artillery that I painted up for the Early War mega battle a few weeks ago. Not a big fan of painting artillery but breaking the platoon into two pieces made (the first half) paint up fast. Still two more guns to go, with two 75mm batteries I will have some nice options and heavy AT capabilities if I decide to play lists without the 37mm AT guns.

Best of all however, is that I can use these guys to form an infantry gun platoon.

As a sidenote, it is pretty annoying to have a painted up army and then not being able to buy a 100% matching color for the uniforms. Most of my Polish stuff is painted with the out of production Citadel Khemri Brown. Since then I have  substituted it with the Steel Legion Drab, which was close but not close enough. Last week I took an old can of Khemri Brown down to the store and think I found a better match in what is called Baneblade Brown. Haven't yet tried it out, slightly worried about it being a normal color and not the thicker "base" type paint with more pigments for better coverage.

In the meantime I am slowly painting up a blister of Polish Lan infantry for By Fire & Sword, painting a little each evening. Hopefully they will be finished later this week.


  1. Look good. Must get my Poles finished, I have gone for horse drawn with some limbers from QRF/outpost.

    I agree the changes to gw colours are a pain. They did issue a conversion list and baneblade brown was their suggestion for a khemri brown replacement. Some of their matches are good, others less so. Was using some Baylor brown (snake bite leather replacement, and so show also tau Sept ochre!), looked totally wrong in the pot, but has dried close enough.

    1. Good to know about the Baneblade brown, I don't have that much more to paint (three platoons of motorized infantry and some AT guns + artillery) but I do miss the time when I could give everything a quick basecoat of khemri brown as it covered the black undercoat really damn good.

  2. They look great, I'm going to try and get into 15mm this year.

    When GW changed their paints for what seemed like no real reason I just decided it was the right moment to switch across to using just Vallejo and Warpaints, its pretty much all I use now.

  3. I almost only use Vallejo, mixed with some P3Formula and Washes from Warlord Games. Though I still have a stash of Devlan Mud and a few foundation paints from GW that I stockpiled a year ago :-D


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