15 January 2014

Rebuild (for Android) review

Rebuild is a game for tablets, set after a zombie apocalypse and has the player take on the role of a leader of a group trying to rebuild society. You begin the game with a small boarded up home base, and expand your area of control by clearing out houses from zombies, looting weapons and supplies, and convince other survivors to join your cause.

While doing so you also attempt to guard your turf from raiders, and zombie hordes that frequently hit your barricades - and if they break through you can lose ground and buildings which have to be reclaimed once again.

It's a very basic and simple game, but offers a good time micro managing your survivors by sending the right person to perform the right task, equip them with gear, decide what buildings to build (such as farms, schools, apartments etc) and how to spend resources on random encounters.

The game offers several different main objectives and you can keep playing after having beaten the game to expand your influence within the city limits. There are several resources in the game that you have to balance, like supplies, survivors and housing - but also defensive resources such as posting guards, boarding up buildings and building guard towers which improves the defensive capability of your base.

The zombie threat is slowly increasing as the game progresses, and even more so when key plot points are about to be reached in the story. You are constantly given a percentage of success for each task, that percentage also gives you an indication of the risk that someone of your team can be killed or injured in an attack. For instance, you don't send a single person to clear out a shopping mall filled with 50 zombies on his own.

What's nice about the game is that there are several settings in the "prologue" text which directly affect the size of the map, difficulty level and whether there will be changing seasons. This makes the game quite enjoyable from a replay value perspective, as you can learn how to play using a small map - and then launch a new campaign with a huge city.

I've been playing this game on the train rides to and from work the past couple of days and time really flies by. I really enjoy and recommend this game for any fan of strategy gaming.

The only bad thing is that the environments look too "happy" and colorful for a zombie apocalypse. It would have been nice if the levels showed a lot more destruction and mayhem so that the reclaimed and cleaned out districts under your control stood out from the rest of the zombie infested cityscape.

All in all a solid 8/10.


  1. you successfully infested me with this game and I agree it is a good one.

  2. Last weekend when I was returning from work, I missed jumping off at my home station as I was so engrossed in the game LOL. Had to wait for 50 minutes for the next train to backtrack...


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