05 January 2014

Those near heartattack moments in the hobby

A short story:

I was moving to my new apartment in early December, packing all my hobby stuff in one single place so I knew where everything was. The move went smoothly and I just unpacked all boxes and blisters, organized it into a new locker and was very happy that I was able to stash it all. A few weeks later I get an itch to paint, thinking about my projects I pick up my 6mm ACW miniatures - and realize that I must have lost all my Confederate flags during the move as I can't find them anywhere.

Weird, but not a biggie. Some day later I remember I had some Polish-Hungarian/Lan infantry miniatures that I would love to paint up as well. I start looking for them and don't seem to find them. I begin to wonder if I ever ordered some, doubting my memory but at the same time being quite certain that I had the blister in my hand at one point and was going to do a review post about it as I really loved the sculpts. But I just could not find it among my other By Fire & Sword stuff.

Then this morning as I am packing my bags for today's game of Empire of the Dead I remember that I had some really nice laser cut tokens for the game which I received with my Kickstarter miniatures a while ago. Now would be the time to use them for the first time - only thing was that I could not find them.... or ANY of my Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter miniatures!

At this point I began experiencing a nausea combined with a mild panic and increased body temperature. I go through my hobby locker again - nothing. I go down to the basement and check my pile of cardboard boxes to see if I had accidently placed the miniature box down there - nope.

At this point I have a flashback to a phone call that my dad made a couple of weeks ago that went something like this:

Dad: "Son, you have left some boxes with some shit here at our house are you going to pick them up or shall I throw it away?"
Me: (Thinking about the only box I left behind, a black box filled with junk that was going to be thrown away) "Yeah throw that away, that's just trash.
Dad: OK.

At this point, with increased heart rate I begin piecing together the long trail of events and hints about the possible disaster that might have resulted in me losing miniatures for over 1500 SEK. I reconcile with the thought that I have lost the stuff forever, because if I had, then the disappointment would be easier to handle.

I make a phone call to my parents:

Me "Hi dad, remember that box with shit you talked about a few weeks ago that I told you to throw away?"
Dad: "Yep, but I didn't"
Me: (Still not calmed) "Is the box black or cardboard colored? If it's black it's just shit, if it's cardboard colored it has a lot of unpainted miniatures inside".
Dad: "Umm... I think it's black.. no grey.. I think."
Me: "Is it flat? Or big?"
Dad: "It's a big box with some shit in it, some german soldiers, some plastic pieces".
Me: "Can you PLEASE check it out right now as I kind of need to know."
Dad: "It's grey, or well you know cardboard colored."
Me: "Jesus Christ, is it grey OR cardboard colored, and is it FLAT?!"
Dad: "Yea something like that, lots of junk in it - I'll drop it off at your apartment later today".

At this point I was already on my way to Lund and would spend most of today thinking about whether or not I would come home and find a box with all my missing miniatures or a box with shit that I had meant to throw away.

Fortunately it was even more than that. Somehow I had left a box with my Empire of the Dead Kickstarter stuff, a large bag with mixed blisters and zip bags of miniatures for FoW and By Fire & Sword along with the sprue containing all the Dreadfleet terrain.

Lessons to be learned from this:

If you move, inform family and friends that anything they find in your old apartment  must be reported to you as soon as possible. And never tell anyone to throw anything away before you have seen what they talk about with your own eyes.


  1. Ha Ha Brown Pants Brown Pants! I know that feeling only I never did find my HLBS 1/48 SAS!

  2. Crikey. That gave me the shivers just reading it :-)

  3. I have had similar phone calls with all the moving I do.

  4. I had a similar thing happen, I went gaming one day with friends after work on Thursday night, it was crowded and I was tired....went home and just set my stuff in a stack in the hobby room, about 3 days later I wanted to paint some of the very stuff I had been gaming with those few days back. I go looking for my Bolt Action vehicles box....GONE....I started to go all about the house, hobby room, checking the SUV and everything....I had the same "panic attack" thinking "oh great someone grabbed my crap and walked off with it, more than likely on Ebay right now...there goes a few hundred in tank kits....ARG!" Luck had it, I had put that case in a weird out of the usual spot in my hobby room, I had moved some stuff and set things on the case, thus I didn't see it....I was all flustered for several hours until I found it.

  5. Another lesson to be learnt from this: Your life is intended to be a near-fatal comedy of which we enjoy, eh? ^^


  6. Replies
    1. Nope, never found the flags that went missing....

  7. An anecdote from real life. I don't know how often I experienced such things. Especially with hobby stuff I stored in my parents' cellar before I moved out. But that seems ages ago...


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