01 March 2014

BF&S Cossack attack on Courland village AAR

Christian and Andreas also played a game of By Fire & Sword, using the same huge Cossack list that Christian had faced my Poles while Andreas fielded 5 pts of Courland troops.

The scenario was attack on the village and the wildly outnumbered Courland troops were defending their territory against the Cossack onslaught.

As I was only watching the game in part here is a short summary of the battle:

Courland infatry occupies the village while the Reiters form a large squadron and move towards the Cossack flank where the wagon train is at. Cossack forces form a squadron of their best men (Registered Moloitsy) on the left flank in the woods a few yards from the wagon train. Regular Cossack infantry form a squadron and move on the village head on in the center, while Cossack cavalry attempt to flank on the right.

The Cossack wagon train is strafing the village with musket and artillery shells while the Cossack horde moves towards the village through the return fire of the Courland militia. The distance and obstacles combined make it a noisy spectacle with lots of smoke and few dead.

In an attempt to prevent the Cossack wagon train to move closer and inflict heavy casualties on the village defenders, the Courland cavalry rides out to meet them - fire from Registered Moloitsy in the woods break up the first charge and forces the Courland riders to regroup before making a second attempt. The second attack manages to reach the wagons but the fight is a stalemate and the cavalry has to disengage - chased off by case shot and musket fire from the wagons.

Meanwhile the Cossack infantry in the center reaches the safety of the fence and begin a more organized exchange of musket fire with the Courland infantry inside the village, both sides suffer some casualties but neither side breaks off.

A small group of Cossack Registered Moloitsy make it up the hill on the flank of the village and attack a small company of Courland riders, both sides suffer heavy casualties in this skirmish but the tiny Courland force has the most to lose from suffering casualties in this scenario. As the battle nears its end Cossack cavalry make a dash around the right flank but fail to properly get in position to launch any charges, likewise the Courland cavalry on the left flank have fallen back and regrouped out of artillery range from the Cossack wagon train.

Ultimately, the Cossack center fails to breach and set up a more permanent defensive position inside the village itself so the fight ends a Minor Courland victory.


  1. Great AAR. Few things. The village is illegal. 2-3 buildings. Not 4. Also the attacker sets the terrain so it is storage that the attacker decides to set such heavy build up village.

  2. Fantastic pictures, the terrain and the village, all is perfect!

  3. Amazing pictures. The terrain looks simply stunning and I really like the paintjobs.


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