05 March 2014

BF&S Winged Hussars in Courland AAR

This weekend Andreas and I tried out our intended armies for the Polish championship, I ran the Gosiewski foray with Lithuanian Winged Hussars while Andreas ran Courland with some new additions that were WIP. We played two games, both were the dreaded "attack on the village" scenario which I suspect will be the toughest on my army due to the low amount of infantry troops.

In our first game I ran a tiny 8FSP list with the bare bones, meaning:

Commander Vincenty Gosiewski
3 Winged hussar bases
2 bases of cossack style cavalry
2 bases of Reiters
3 bases of Dragoons

Andreas ran a small Courland list at 5FSP, can't remember the exact list but he had bases of the militia Lehnsfahne cavalry, two bases of mercenary reiters that were ordered to make a flanking maneuver and arrive on turn two the earliest, and the rest of the force was infantry.  Two infantry units started in the village. The  additional effect suffered by the Lithuanians was "Panic", which we totally forgot about it could have proven been vital.

The Lithuanian force deployed dragoons on the far left flank, reiters at the center and Winged hussars and cossack style cavalry on the right. Command and control proved difficult with only one commander and such a stretched battle line but both the dragoons and the Reiters managed well enough on their own using only the "Move" order, firing during the "shooting after movement" step at the end of each turn.

My main focus was to annihilate the cavalry unit first to gather some victory points for kills, then move into the village and contest it. There was no chance for me to actually capture the village so points for the main objective was split with Andreas. The hussars backed up by the cossack style cavalry made glorious slaughter of the Lehnsfahne militia, destroying 4 bases and  chasing the remaining two off the table.

Less fortunate were the Lithuanian reiters which acted as decoy's for the Courland infantry shooting at them from inside the buildings. The unit lost a base and became disorganized early on into the battle, despite my commander using command points to re-organize them and regain some lost wounds (something often forgotten in our games, but which is very important if you have tiny units and want to keep them alive).

The downfall of the Courland force was really bad dice rolls, the shooting from the militia was abysmal, even in their duel with the Lithuanian dragoons out in the open. The game was pretty much decided by a very tense moment where the Courland troops caught the last base of cossack style cavalry in a crossfire situation - had the Lithuanian cavalry broken then there would be no Lithuanian units inside the village with the "Defend" order, which would mean that the Courland troops had the village fully under their control. Fortunately  neither flanking fire or direct  fire from short range was enough to destroy the last base of Cossack style cavalry and the battle was a Tactical Victory of the Lithuanian side.

In our second battle I maxed out the Winged hussar list to 11 points which made the list look like this:

Commander Vincenty Gosiewski
Commander Gantzkopf
3 bases of winged hussars
3 bases of dragoons
4 bases of cossack style cavalry
5 bases of reiters

Andreas ran the same 5 point list that he had just used.
The effects inflicted on the Lithuanian force due to their greater strength were:

2x Panic and 1x "Bad day" on Vincenty Gosiewski which lowered his command from 4 down to 3.
To make matters worse the panic struck the Winged hussars and dragoons, paralyzing both units for two full turns before they manned up and rallied.

The delay made the attack on the village half hearted and badly coordinated, it simply proved harder to get the troops into position and force the Courland troops to fight on Lithuanian terms. Adding my abysmal deployment and mismanagement of the Dragoons (which did nothing fight in this battle) the Courland units had a much easier time to cope with the strong but badly led opposition.

I managed to inflict a few kills on the  Courland cavalry militia with my Reiters, but the result was modest and not enough to win me enough "kill points", I had also lost my cossack style cavalry to Courland musket fire, hald the unit was dead and the rest of them fled off the table. I attempted to save the day by throwing my Winged hussars into the village and thought I was clever giving them the defend order so that I would contest the village once again - when Andreas surprised me with a very clever countermeasure - charging the unit with his mercenary reiters. The close combat made me lose my defend order, and not only that, but the winged hussars were forced out of the village when they lost a fight to the enemy mercenary reiters!!

The fight ended a slim Courland strategic victory, and I think both of us learned a lot about our lists during these two games. The Winged hussar list is extremely fragile to the "Panic effect", due to its low amount of units (once you combine the companies into squadrons) you are bound to end up suffering for your small army size. Hope to experiment and play more games during the upcoming weekends.

Pics from game 2


  1. Fabulous looking Hussars! You make me want to get some now :) Best, Dean

  2. Great looking hussars, love them!

  3. Thanks guys, glad you like the AAR, more BF&S stuff coming up this weekend :-)


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