31 March 2014

By Fire & Sword tournament and trip to Poland report coming up

Just came home from Poland today and I'm dead tired. I have a ton of pictures from the tournament, my visits to Polish museums and a lot of great memories from the trip that will be shared on Thursday when I get back home from Stockholm (2 day work related trip right after my trip to Poland...).

Both Andreas "Deathbullar" and I had a ton of fun in Poland, especially after the tournament gaming on both days when we hung out with other players, drinking beer and swapping bizarre and vulgar stories!

I'll talk about everything on Thursday and over the next couple of days following.


  1. Crappy timing, sir! We are playing Chain of Command NEXT Wednesday evening.

  2. WTH ? happened Anatoli ? 47 place on 50 players ?

    1. Not very good lists, bad luck, a LOT more experienced Polish players and having learned a few rules wrong in a mix. Andreas "Deathbullar" played really well with his much smaller army lists for Courland, and while having most of the same problems as I had I think he owes his placement to much better tournament experience.

      This was my third tournament ever (first in BF&S). But it wasn't important for me to win, sure it would have been nice to place higher up the ladder but I had a great time during and after the tournament to make up for it.


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