14 April 2014

BF&S Royal city of Gdansk command painted up

Painted up a base of Gdansk commanders for a skirmish force that I intend to use for both the Gdansk skirmish, as well as the Courland skirmish list (and probably other armies that have a western look).
Really enjoyed painting these minis, and painted them up to a slightly higher standard - and much better basing - than my previous By Fire & Sword stuff.

The brighter static grass blend does a lot to improve the overall look of the miniatures, compared to my older static grass which is quite dark and which imo "sucks the color" out of the minis. Also added some tufts and flowers to make it more interesting.

Painting is slow nowadays as real life is taking away a lot of hobby time, but I hope to paint up a bunch of new units before the summer. I have Gdansk cavalry and infantry, some Swedish veteran Reiters and armored reiters that I intend to use with my Polish-Lithuanian army/Courland/Gdansk lists, and some characters and a super cool Imperial command blister and Polish medium artillery.

Andreas is also starting to pick up interest for division sized gaming, which I really look forward to play again after more than a year of skirmish battles.


  1. These figures look great. Your work is very impressive. Your blog has been a big influence in getting my brother and I involved in this game way out on the west coast of the USA. Its hard to find other players or stores to carry the BFaS line but you keep us inspired. Keep up the great work, people appreciate it.


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