07 April 2014

Pictures from the Polish army museum in Warsaw part 1 of 2

I took a lot of pictures in both the Polish army museum and the Warsaw uprising museum in Warsaw. This post will feature all the Army museum pictures, most of them speak for themselves - I'll add info where necessary. Enjoy!

Tanks and artillery, including a TKS tankette on pictures 5-7.

Medieval times and battles against the Teutonic knights

Renaissance "Golden age" of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth

18th century, the partitions and 19th century uprisings

WW1 and the Polish-Bolshevik war 1919-21

Stay tuned for part two which will cover the WW2 period!


  1. Very nice pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love it! You fire one shot from your axe then you chop the enemy with your musket.?

  3. Great stuff. Love the paintings. The axe gun looks so heavy! Thanks

  4. Wow, what an excellent collection.


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