08 April 2014

Pictures from the Polish army museum in Warsaw part 2 of 2

Here is the second batch of pictures from the Polish army museum in Warsaw:

WW2: 1939 and the September campaign

WW2: Poles in French service 1939-1940, British service 1940-45, 2nd Polish Corps in North Africa and Poles in Soviet service 1943-45

WW2: Polish armed resistance following the capitulation in 1939,  the Polish Armia Krajowa "AK" army and the Warsaw Uprising

WW2: Katyn massacre memorial, complete with an interactive database where people can browse every single victim. This database has information, pictures, biographies and such about each soldier killed in the massacre - a pretty impressive collection of data.

Next up on the blog will be the pictures I took in the Warsaw Uprising museum.


  1. I'd be interested to know if there's anything in the Army museum or the Uprising Museum that reflects the Warsaw Ghetto uprising?

    1. Not in the Army museum - I myself was surprised that the Army museum didn't have anything on the Polish legions in Napoleons army since they had exhibitions about other units in foreign service.

      I can't remember I saw anything in the Warsaw Uprising museum about the Ghetto uprising of 1943 either, though we rushed through it as it was getting late in the afternoon at that point.

    2. there is small notice on the warsaw uprising site (unfortunetyly only in english) http://www.1944.pl/o_muzeum/ekspozycja/parter/8_getto/ but i don't think there is too much about it in museum
      i think that in this museum could be more about it http://www.jewishmuseum.org.pl/en

  2. Åh, fantastiska bilder. Perfekt inspiration ifall man försöker göra sin polska armé till FoW lite mer historisk korrekt i målandet.



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