11 April 2014

Pictures from Warsaw Uprising museum

Andreas and I also went to the Warsaw Uprising museum in Warsaw on the day before the By Fire & Sword tournament, this museum is perhaps not as flashy as the Polish army museum in terms of display items - but relies instead heavily on informative videos and text presentations to guide the visitor through the everyday life of occupied Warsaw and the uprising itself.

We bought add-on tickets to see the "3d flight over the Warsaw ruins" video as well, which was quite interesting but the clip was much shorter than I thought. The clip is a 3d rendition of photos taken by a liberator airplane flying over Warsaw after the uprising had ended and depicts the utter destruction of the western part of the city where the fighting had taken place.

This next item was very interesting to me, as it is the Polish wz.36 light mortar used during the September campaign. It was great to see one in real life to get a sense of size and caliber.


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