23 May 2014

Someone is stealing my blog content

I was alerted today by a reader that someone else is stealing my blog content....

The blog  http://didukmarbel.blogspot.no/ has several of my posts copied and pasted, I don't know how to proceed. I read on blogspot  that there is nothing they can do about other people copying your content...

Anyone got an idea? I'm really annoyed at the difficulty to contact blogspot about the issue.


  1. Well, first the site has not had a post since August of 2013, so almost 9 months since a post. I don’t there was an intent of malice in there but wanted to use the content on the site plus I had the impression not many people read his blog and is a dead fish in the water..

    The second question is how many posts were taken from your site? I saw one of the Polish Infantry book translation you did.

    I’d say drop him a polite email, state that the items from X posts came from your blog and you would appreciate either A) Remove the content or B) Cite your blog as the publisher of the work he copied.

  2. Take down his link off this post, you're just sending more traffic his way? By the looks of it, his blog is a combination of stolen posts? There is a 'report abuse' with an impersonation option, might be worth a go?

  3. that's a weird mix of stuff on that blog. All seem to be based around the word 'game'

    You could leave comments on some of his G+ posts, asking that he cease to copy your posts, or at the least cite you as the author.

    you COULD try changing something in your original post, and see if he's live linking to your post (which you could do something funny with). MY guess he simply copy/pasted everything.

  4. Yeah last post was in 2013, but I am still annoyed at the fact that I can't seem to do anything about it through blogger if such a thing happens again - or even contant whoever is behind that blog since there is no contact information?

    And from what I could see there were quite a few of my posts on there.

    The blog really is a complete mess looking at the content - almost as if it was farming key words and posting blog posts automatically...

  5. File a DMCA complaint with google here:


  6. Sorry, this is the one you want:

  7. Just want to add that Google is required by law to remove material that infringes a copyright. If they don't they could loose their safe harbor status under the DMCA.

  8. @CaulynDarr
    Thanks!! That is exactly what I was looking for, will email them now.

  9. Anatoli
    I had the same issues earlier this year.
    The complaints process worked, so even though it is quite a rigmarole, I would say go for it.

  10. If its any comfort him stealing your content will do more damage then good. If Google and other major search engines worth a damn, see that there's duplicate content, they will look to who posted first and the other site will be penalised. So he might think hes going it to generate content, but its probably doing more harm then good.

    Id still go though the process of getting him to remove your content though.

  11. It's an automated content farm - I'd ignore it. It's just swiping content as part of a script. It may have run just for a short while or it was deactivated. None of the content makes sense as it was swiped from several site

  12. There are further tips here: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/what-to-do-when-people-copies-your-blog-content.html


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