19 July 2014

By Fire & Sword: Deluge expansion Kickstarter

For those that haven't heard the guys over at Wargamer.pl recently launched their second Kickstarter and are gathering support for their upcoming expansion book "Deluge" which covers the Swedish invasion of Poland and the northern war of 1955-60.

The new book is packed with armies on skirmish and  division level for both new and old nations (for instance the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth and Sweden both get revamped list to more accurately portray their armies during this particular campaign).

The book also includes a welcome addition in terms of 10 new scenarios for skirmish level battles that add a lot more variety to this level of the game.

Check out the Kickstarter by following this LINK !


  1. Looks great as usual. I was considering getting the original rule book as a basis for my later polish lithuanian campaign, but was wondering, is it extendable to the 1690's-1700's?

  2. Hi, I would say that many of the basic rules would work without problem for early 1700's as well. Although you would probably need to implement new special rules to cover new tactics that were introduced.

    However, shooting, close combat, movement of units, removing wounds etc should not provide any problem for period extension.


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