17 July 2014

Countdown to new 15mm WW1 range

A friend asked me to share this link on my blog , it's a countdown timer to the starting date of WW1 and also the launching date of a new line of 15mm WW1 miniatures by a Polish manufacturer "3FG".

I guess Battlefront isn't the only company out there thinking about cashing in on the 100th anniversary. It will be interesting to see the stuff on offer from 3FG after having seen the expected releases from Battlefront.

To visit the 3FG site, follow the LINK

Personally I was thinking about WW1 in the East African colonies, in particular the campaign led by German commander von Lettow-Vorbeck, a long time ago before I was distracted by other projects.  We'll see if the new line of miniatures will be accompanied by a game / new ruleset. At the moment I have only read about the FoW:WW1 rules and they don't look like something I would be interested in. I think WW1 is a difficult game to make on a company sized level, especially if you use the trenchline setting. What I had in mind for WW1 back in the days was a platoon/skirmish sized game but that would of course leave out the quirky tanks...

1 comment:

  1. Take a look at Through the Mud and Blood by the TFL. Its platoon+ sized. They are publishing an East Front supplement for it soon.


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