01 July 2014

Help WS&S magazine out with this survey!

Jasper over at Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine asked me to share a link to the ongoing survey WS&S is running about wargaming and wargaming habits. Take a minute to help them out, and you'll not only get 10% off from their store but also the chance to win some nice prizes in a raffle!

"The people at WSS magazine are a very curious bunch (yes, probably probably in more senses of the word, but that doesn't matter now). Mostly, we are curious about this hobby and the people in it. There is always much debate about the health of the hobby, the age of the average wargamer, which scale or size of miniature is better and endless other questions. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, being a team of intrepid people, decided to solve at least some of these debates by way of the Great Wargaming Survey. And YOU are cordially invited to take part.

Joking aside, this won't take long (5-10 minutes), it's entirely anonymous, it's nothing every attempted on this scale and best of all, you'll have a chance at winning some great prizes (such as the books from Casemate and Osprey, the SAGA Great Hall from 4Ground, and a 1000 point British Airborne Bolt Action army). What's not to like? Just spend a few happy minutes contemplating your favorite pastime.

We'd really appreciate your input, and we’re accepting responses until July 31st, 2014!"



  1. The survey made me reflect on my own hobby, so many projects and games that just failed to find a footing in my gaming club over the years and many good games that were just briefly played :-/

    Still hope that all those minis weren't painted in vain and that I get to play more of my "standard" games over the summer. There have been very little wargaming on my part since the guys at the club keep playing various (and seemingly endless) FoW campaigns that aren't of interest to me and take up all the attention from the guys I use to play with.

  2. Very intersting questions to answer. I like how it made you think about your hobby :)

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