26 July 2014

Reaper Bones "Cthulhu" miniature WIP 1

While visiting my friend Thomas earlier this week I was given this pretty awesome Cthulhu miniature as a gift. The model is from the Reaper "Bones" kickstarter and supposedly only cost him 10 dollars (he ended up buying 3). What's interesting beside the dirt cheap price for such a huge miniature is the material, which is some kind of rubber/plastic/resin meld that could perhaps be described as "close to rubber dinosaur toys you had as a kid" but at the same time with a lot more stiffness to it and less of a rubber feeling. The material can be filed or cut with a knife when it comes to cleaning mouldlines, and paint sticks right onto the model without any need for a primed undercoat.

The material allows the tentacles and other thin parts such as the wings to bend if you push them, which is great as usually parts like these will snap under pressure. I also thing that dropping the miniature on the floor won't cause the same kind of disaster effect compared to plastic/metal/resin minis.

The model comes with few parts that all fit well together due to socket/slot fittings at the joints, you only need to greenstuff the joints a little. The construction doesn't weigh that much when all assembled, and all the parts stay in place once superglues - so no need to worry when you are holding the mini by the limbs when painting it.

It will be very interesting to see how I end up painting it, I have an idea about going for a pale green look on the skin, perhaps with tints of yellow, purple, red and blue in some places. So far I have no idea how the scales will end up, though I don't think a too dark color will fit with my light skinned rendition - so perhaps green, or brown?

I will be posting WIP updates as I paint this mini over the coming week with the aim of finishing it by the end of the next weekend.

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