16 August 2014

BF&S Royal City of Gdansk infantry

Began painting infantry for the Royal city of Gdansk skirmish force which uses a lot of Reiters with arquebus (armoured and unarmoured), mercenary new type infantry and militia cavalry. These models are the Gdansk militia on foot miniatures which I will be using as all Gdansk infantry in that list. I also intend to use them in the Courland skirmish force and other Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth lists that utilize new type infantry with muskets as I really like the models.

Featured here are 3 bases of infantry and 2 bases of sharpshooters. Also a Gdansk commander painted up a few months back which I have been using as a command base for "western type" troops.
Limited painting time has forced me to adapt a new painting approach, I'm painting one base of infantry a day. We'll see how that will transfer on the cavalry miniatures needed later on (need to paint up militia and armoured Reiters).

However, I was digging through my BF&S stash and found a ton of minis that I had forgotten that I had, like Veteran Reiters, Invincibles Command, Imperial Commanders etc so my upcoming Reiter and command units will be full of cool looking character minis. I also have a bunch of awesome Polish special character intended for command teams which will be painted later once the Gdansk troops are finished. If all goes well I may end up running a Gdansk skirmish force in the Swedish tournament in September.


  1. Impressive painting. Gdańsk skirmish is fantastic to play as well.

  2. Thanks MISiO! I love the musketeer miniatures, I know they are intended for "Militia" troops on Division level but I think they fit perfectly for mercenary infantry and the like used by Gdansk and Courland :-)
    Yes the Gdansk skirmish force looks like a ton of fun, I just want to be able to field all unit types so it is why I am painting up new minis (already have reiters with arquebus painted up).

    1. I use them as regular, national Swedish infantry for a small recon regiment. They are great minis. Gdańsk is great but hard to field all type of units due to a single commander. This skirmish is better for lower FPS. You can use ambush (2 squadrons!) etc.

  3. Nice looking troops and I like the basing for these rules.

  4. Nice painting, I especially like how the flowers really lifts the overall effect of the unit.

  5. Very nice paint job, great looking minis!


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