03 August 2014

By Fire & Sword: Deluge Kickstarter update

Two weeks into the Kickstarter a bunch of new units and armies have been unlocked - most pleasing imo are the new army lists including one very interesting special skirmish force that combines Swedes led by Erik Jönsson (later Dahlberg) with Swedish Veteran Reiters fighting alongside allied Transylvanian and Cossack cavalry units.

The list also comes with a complete skirmish force boxed set that will be Kickstarter exclusive - you can of course build the list out of single boxed sets and blisters as well but for those who want a unique force straight out of the box this is a good deal.

The Transylvanian teaser skirmish list also looks very interesting, mixing good quality cavalry with insubordinate infantry/dragoons that are poorly armed but have good fighting skill values.

I really look forward to the expansion book the most, especially the vastly expanded scenario section as I think the game need a broader palette of scenarios to keep skirmish level games fresh. At the moment the river crossing and attack on the village scenario seem to be too dominant and picked more often than any other scenario in the core rulebook due to how the various army lists interact with each other.

New scenarios along with updated army lists to match the Northern War of 1655-60 also lend itself well for a campaign game format (something I have been thinking about for a long time now). It would be awesome to have a mixed Skirmish/Division level campaign where both type of battles occur combined with a campaign map.

The Kickstarter has 27 days left to go, and new stuff is unlocked at a steady pace so check it out!


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