05 August 2014

Cthulhu WIP 2

Changed the colors from pale flesh to dark green as I wasn't happy with how the paintjob was progressing. The new color palette painted up a lot faster as well as I mostly used washes and a bit of drybrush on the flesh once I had repainted the basecoat in a dark green color. Washing the green skin with black, blue, red and brown paints in multiple layers ended up with a result to my liking. The skin was then highlighted with a dark green color of my own mixing (part brown/black/yellow/green) to highlight wrinkles and texture on the skin using a thing brush.

At the moment I am working on the face/tentacle, and I am also experimenting with how to best paint the claws and other exposed bone. Still a couple of evenings to go before this is a finished model.

The model will also be given a coat of Army Painter brush on matt varnish once it is 100% finished to reduce the glossiness that makes taking good pictures difficult.

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