26 August 2014

Royal City of Gdansk infantry regiment

The Gdansk infantry are now all painted up and I finished the bases late this evening. I still have enough miniatures for two more bases but the Gdansk skirmish list allows only 10 bases of musketeers and 2 bases of sharpshooters so I will probably save the remaining minis for something different.

Very happy with this regiment and will give them a baptism of fire this weekend. Hope to get some armoured Reiters painted up as well for my Gdansk force but it's a tight schedule...

Also a reminder about the ongoing Kickstarter for By Fire & Sword: Deluge which is nearing its end with only 4 days to go!


  1. Beautiful troops, great paint job, good luck for the baptism!

  2. Fantastic! Great to see Danzig Division growing up. Very interesting force to lpay with.


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