22 September 2014

More pictures from Swedish BF&S tournament

I received the pictures that Patryk, our Stockholm player, was taking during the tournament with his high quality camera. The pictures were great and I wanted to share them on the blog, especially since they show a lot of things that I was unable to see myself.

Hope you guys enjoy another photodump :-)

Players gather around the whiteboard for a mid tournament update on their progress.

Tournament organizers flank a very happy tournament winner

Group photo of the participants, from left to right:
Magnus (Sweden), Patrik (Muscovy), Johan (Muscovy), kneeling in fron of everyone is Patryk (Lithuania), Simon (Cossacks), Jonatan (Muscovy), David (Muscovy) and Robin (Ottoman)


  1. these red painted muscoviet cavalry looks like squadrons of santa clauses

  2. Well have you seen the models? all robes and hats with furry edges. I couldnt help myself :D


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