09 September 2014

Pictures from boardgame session with the GF

Caroline loves playing Gloom so we played it again - still wondering whether or not I should purchase the expansion "unwanted houseguests" which is supposed to be the best one. And while we were in "boardgame-mode" I also introduced her to Merchants & Marauders as well as Carson City - two games that I seldom get to play these days but which I really like.
Carson City being the worker placement game set in the wild west, the similarity to games like Lords of Waterdeep being what she likes a lot and thus it was well received. Ideally you should play this game with 3+ players but it works OK with 2 as well. With 2 players you recycle characters quite a lot, while playing it with more players you end up using a wider variety of characters that help you out each turn with their special rules.

Merchants & Marauders was also well received, it has more of an adventure game tone to it with characters, quests, ship upgrades, raids, trade and of course I managed to get sunk by a pirate Sloop again (happens in every game of Merchants & Marauders....). It's lighter in tone than worker placement games, and not as competitive but still a lot of fun. I have only ever played it with 3 players, it would be great to play with a maxed out player number to see how the dynamics of traders vs pirate players would work out.


  1. In my own opinion, "Unwelcome Guests" is undoubtedly the best expansion, although the others aren't necessarily bad. It adds to the game in a way that keeps more in line with the original game's idea than the others do.
    The only bad thing really... is to play with all the expansions at once. Like in Arkham Horror, adding everything to the pot simply becomes too much and instead dilutes the experience


  2. Thanks for the info, it is as I thought then :-)


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