21 September 2014

Swedish By Fire & Sword tournament results and pictures

This saturday our club held the first Swedish By Fire & sword tournament, with a total of 10 players (9 local and 1 from Stockholm). It was a 1-day tournament, with 3 games (3 hours each) and lunch in the middle of the day.

Last weekend we prepared all of the tables at the club by fixing them up with new flock and repaired some broken off pieces on the playing surface, as well as improving the flock on some terrain pieces. It all looked really good when we set ut the tables.

Having seen how a tournament is run down in Poland during the Polish championship that Andreas and I attended we made a terrain pool from which players picked terrain for their tables after having rolled scenario choices. I had asked Jonatan down at the club to make some "village footprints" which were 30x30cm wooden pieces with sand and flock, which were used in the village scenario. I think everyone liked the idea since it eliminated a lot of measuring and time waste when setting up that particular scenario.

Anyway, the player list at our tournament included myself and my buddy Andreas who were running the tournament and acting as judges if people had questions. As such we participated and collected victory points throughout the 3 games we played, but when the tournament was over we removed our names from the list of players and assigned prized for the top 4 players.

Complete player list (due to the shortened format we only had a maximum of 2 army lists per player instead of the usual 3 that you get to bring to a BF&S tournament)

Alexander (me): Royal city of Gdansk (played at 9FSP in all 3 games)
Andreas: Winged Hussar "Gosiewski Foray"  (Played at 9FSP)
Magnus: Swedish skirmish force
David: Muscovite skirmish force (boyar sons/Reiters)
Simon: Cossack skirmish force
Robin: Ottoman skirmish force European provinces
Johan: Muscovite Border dragoons (huge force played at 9FSP)
Jonatan: Muscovite Border dragoons
Patrik: Muscovite Border dragoons
Patryk: Lithuanian skirmish force (early)

Results Game 1
Big Points = BP,   Small Points = SP

David Muscovy 2BP/2SP - Robin Ottoman 4BP/5SP
Alexander Gdansk 3BP/5SP - Johan Muscovy 3BP/5SP
Andreas Winged Hussar 4BP/5SP - Simon Cossacks 2BP/2SP
Patrik Muscovy 2BP/3SP  - Magnus Sweden 4BP/5SP
Patryk Lithuania 2BP/1SP - Jonatan Muscovy 4BP/7SP
Results Game 2

Andreas Winged Hussar 3BP/6SP - Alexander Gdansk 3BP/6SP
Patryk Lithuania 1BP/1SP -  Johan Muscovy 5BP/9SP
Simon Cossacks 1BP/0SP - Robin Ottoman 5BP/7SP
Magnus Sweden 2BP/2SP - David Muscovy 4BP/6SP
Jonatan Muscovy 3BP/3SP - Patrik Muscovy 3BP/2SP
Results Game 3

Alexander Gdansk 3BP/2SP - David Muscovy  3BP/3SP
Andreas Winged Hussar 6BP/14SP -  Patrik Muscovy 0BP/0SP
Robin Ottoman 6BP/9SP - Johan Muscovy 0BP/1SP
Magnus Sweden 3BP/5SP - Jonatan Muscovy 3BP/5SP
Patryk Lithuania 3BP/3SP - Simon Cossacks 3BP/3SP
Total for all players and ranking:

1 Robin Ottoman                  15BP/21SP      1st prize
2 Andreas Winged Hussar    13BP/25SP      Tournament organizer
3 Jonatan Muscovy               10BP/15SP      2nd prize
4 Alexander Gdansk              9BP/13SP        Tournament organizer
5 Magnus Sweden                 9BP/12SP         3rd prize
6 David Muscovy                  9BP/11SP         4th prize 
7 Johan Muscovy                  8BP/15SP          -
8 Simon Cossacks                 6BP/5SP            -
9 Patryk Lithuania                6BP/4SP             -
10 Patrik Muscovy               5BP/5SP              -

Below are pictures from the tournament that I managed to take during my own battles and in between games. Patryk also snapped a lot of pictures and I hope he will post them somewhere as he had a high quality camera.

All in all the tournament was enjoyed by all and imo a success. I hope this spurs more By Fire & Sword gaming and painting from everyone taking part - and there are talks about playing a "Big battle" on Division level with multiple players similar to the "Big battle" FoW events that we've had where multiple armies were allied on two sides with various objectives to be accomplished before the battle ended.

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