03 November 2014

By Fire & Sword: Medium artillery position and objective markers

It has been a while since I posted anything painted and in general the blog has been on the lower end of my "to do" list lately due to some turmoil at work. But with a big Division sized battle game coming up in two weeks and the second Swedish By Fire & Sword tournament in December I decided to start painting again.

Digging through my drawers I found a bunch of last year purchases that I have been putting on hold since the units only make sense at a division level - and with so much skirmish level gaming they had been low priority. Anyway, I aim to boost my artillery park with some new additions and I started out with the very cool and well sculpted Polish-Lithuanian medium artillery position. The fortifications and the base are made out of resin, the rest (crew, artillery and doodads) are metal. I had also been saving my Onufry Zagloba character miniature for a special occasion and figured he would be right at home with this cannon - ready to throw his jug at the advancing foes and accidently capture an enemy flag :-D

I also painted up two objective markers that I got at the Polish By Fire & Sword tournament in Warsaw earlier this year.

Next up on my painting table are light artillery pieces including an organ gun.


  1. Great looking artillery and markers, love them!

  2. I love that You have painted steel elements black. Wood looks fantastic too. Great painting. I hope I will be able to fight You Polish force with my Swedes.

    1. Thanks MiSiO, the black was steel has been on my mind for a long time but I never really "dared" to go all black. But it does imo look better than metallic paint for the metal parts on the limber and wheels.

      Would love to meet you fantasticly painted minis with my stuff someday! :-)


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