28 December 2014

By Fire & Sword: Reiter regiment finished

I have not been posting a lot these past couple of weeks, a mix of real life stuff, Christmas related break and other things. But I have not been completely idle. I painted up the last couple of bases of armoured Reiters as well as a full six-base squadron of pistol armed "Veterans" which will be used in various roles and configurations.

The last squadron was built using a mix of Danzig mounted militia, Swedish "Invincible" veterans and Imperial command miniatures. I also assembled and painted up one additional western style commander using the commander Robert Douglas miniature.

Having painted these lot up I am finally out of cavalry units left to paint littering my drawers (that is until the Kickstarter package with Imperial Cuirassiers arrive). Having such a large Reiter force is pretty useful, not only can I field a large Polish Reiter regiment, but I can also field a multitude of Skirmish lists that have been released in PDF like the Danes, Invincibles, Prussian territorial defense etc.

I'm contemplating what force to bring to the Warsaw grand tournament in March next year, I have had lots of fun playing with the Royal city of Gdansk skirmish force and been experimenting a bit with Danes (the latter needs more armoured Reiters than I can currently field to actually pose a threat to most opponents). Will see.


  1. Great stuff! Where did you get those flags?

  2. The yellow/dark flag is from the Danzig commanders blister, while the white flag with the madonna is hand painted based upon a historical flag I saw on the internet :-)

  3. Awesome stuff! That colour is beautiful!


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