02 December 2014

Classic controllers (USB) review

I stumbled across these at a store called "Cool Stuff" in Malmö, Sweden (funny enough it happened two seconds after having said to my GF "This store is just filled with useless junk"). I just bought these out of pure reflex. I have been playing NES and SNES emulator games, as well as Amiga and DosBox emulators over the last couple of years but the games for Nintendo (NES) and Super Nintendo (SNES) never quite felt right when playing them with a modern gamepad.

With these two classic controllers the problem was solved, they are perfectly sized and feel identical to the classic NES/SNES controllers. Now I can play classic games with the right feeling of control and button layout as well! 

The controllers were a bargain, and they are plug and play, I hooked up my laptop to my TV and the magic was complete - being able to play old console games on my TV made me giggle like a kid. All you need is to download emulator software, recommending Virtual-NES and SNES9x and some roms which can all be found on sides focusing on retro gaming.

Anyway, you can buy similar controllers off Amazon if you type in "classic controller USB" (giving you a list of controllers). So anyone out there interested in some retro gaming done right might be inclined to check it out :-)

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