01 January 2015

Empire of the Dead: Order of Dragon thugs conversions

Having finally painted up almost everything for By Fire & Sword I turn my attention back to my other Kickstarter hoard - Empire of the Dead. I bought a bunch of cool add-on miniatures to flesh out my Vampire and Gentlemen themed gangs. Among the purchases were the "Order of the Dragon: Masked thugs" which are lovely miniatures that will be used both for regular Nosferatu as well as Order of the Dragon vampire clans.

I also decided to convert these a little, I wanted to add some unusual weapons that you don't normally field. The crossbow, bow and blunt weapon are not super great "rule-wise" but they add a lot of flavor and I think they are pretty cool. These parts were from old Warhammer Empire militia that I had been saving. I also added the super cool Blunderbuss, exchanging the pistol on one of the thugs as I don't have any vampire Thralls equipped with scattershot/template weapons. During the conversion I also made sure to pin everything properly, getting to use my power drill which is something I recommend everyone involving in conversions of metal miniatures to buy. I have a cheap battery driven one, but it's enough, just make sure to get a drill that matches the smallest type of paperclips and you will be able to cheaply and efficiently pin your stuff.

As you guys may imagine, the upcoming painting related posts will cover Empire of the Dead minis once again, and there are quite a few models left for me to paint. I also hope that I can get some games of Empire of the Dead going again at the club, focus shifted to other games but IIRC a couple of the guys had some warbands.

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