12 January 2015

Teaching the GF miniature wargaming

I was tinkering with my Empire of the Dead miniatures a week ago, and the rulebook for the game was also in front of me when Caroline asked "what's that game?". She had previously only seen me paint tiny 15mm soldiers for By Fire & Sword and other historical miniatures.

Having quickly explained the setting she became interested enough to be willing to give miniature wargaming a try - the skirmish level gameplay and "characters over armies" appealed to her. So I put together two warbands for Empire of the Dead and we played two games - one demo game where I went over the basics of wargaming and the rules, and the second game was more of a regular game as she was up to speed with everything.

At the end of it all she seemed quite pleased and had enjoyed it, liking the theme and style of this game. We talked a bit about that and concluded that she would be bored playing games with armies (Flames of War/By Fire & Sword etc) revolving around regular warfare. Empire of the Dead however offered something different with character customization, an appealing theme, rules that were easy to pick up and learn as well as a quick gameplay.

Here are some pictures from our games (Caroline playing the Gentlemen's Club while I was playing the Nosferatu).


  1. Nice one! Great looking table, and you'll have many of us slightly jealous that you not only had your girlfriend play a game, but she enjoyed it too...well done :-)

  2. That is indeed an accomplishment having your spouse interested in your gaming. Soon she will be wanting to build her own band & who knows...painting them herself?

    Looks like a fun time was had by both of you

  3. Wow she seems like a totally awesome girlfriend. Should really hold on to that one you know. So if you wanna keep her don't forget to put out. Just sayin. Don't bore her too much with your miniatures, instead focus on putting out. Because red heads like that or so I've heard ;)


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