23 February 2015

Star Wars X-Wing revival

Last time I wrote about X-wing, can't remember if it was on the blog or on a forum, I had grown tired of the min/maxing of lists, competitive oriented playstyles other people used and discussed and my own chaotic collection dispersed among several starter set boxes which always made the setup of the game take forever.

Since then, I have bought a ton of Star Wars X-wing miniatures (E-Wing, Z-95's, B-Wings, YT-1300, TIE Defenders, TIE Phantom, Imperial Aces, VT-49 Decimator and a collection of Wave 1 & 2 ships from a friend). The funny thing about this was  that my purchases were fueled by the idea of either using the miniatures for the Star Wars RPG "Edge of the Empire" to properly display space combat situations - or - to use the minis in a hybrid version of X-wing and the Axis&Allies: Aces 20 game using a hex based game mat.

Of course nothing came of those two plans. The  company that manufactures the gaming mats I was interested in (Hotz mats) didn't bother to answer to my email inquiry about product and estimated delivery time, and it had been a good while since I played Edge of the Empire with the guys due to various "choice of game to be played at the moment" and time related reasons.

So my closet was filled up with un-opened Star Wars toys for some good 2-3 months! Finally, this weekend my girlfriend said if I wanted to teach/show her the game that I had been talking about so much and in such frustrated terms lately. Alright I thought, and she added that the miniature wargaming demo of Empire of the Dead was fun. 

So I dusted off the game and we played a demo game where I went over the basic rules, using two TIE fighters and one X-wing, followed by a 100 point game of my already unpacked old fighters. This too went over very well. Triggered by this positive feedback I spent some 4 hours this Sunday unpacking all the new ships (sorry for not doing a proper review of any at this stage but that may yet come) and building boxes for transport and storage so that I could organize all the shit ton of tokens, cards and counters as well as come up with a more effective storage method than using the plastic containers for each individual ship.

The end result may not win any beauty prizes but I managed to squeeze my ship collection into two starter set boxes and the cards and counters into two cardboard boxes. All the flight stands and sticks are also in one plastic container.

We also had time left to play one more 100 point game and I built two lists that tried out a couple of the new ships, the E-Wing, Z-95's and the TIE Defender. Caroline wasn't keen on testing out the new big ships and I wanted to wait a little to use the TIE Phantom.

Finally I can enjoy the game with someone at a more casual level, playing for fun with a mix of ships in each list instead of facing a TIE horde.... Caroline can get competitive rather quick but it's more about winning a game than making the "killer list/strategy" (and I may add she won one out of the two 100 point battles).

So yeah, I guess I will be playing more X-wing in the future. The pictures on this post are from our Sunday battle, and you can spot the E-Wing, TIE Defender and Z-95 Headhunter ships on the table.


  1. X-Wing is a really fun game, but with you as to its place in my gaming world. I like it just as a casual, social game. It can get very complicated with power-built lists and multiple upgrades. I like to just keep it simple with some cool looking ships and maybe a couple of pilot characters and/or upgrades each, and try not to crash into anything!

  2. I also much prefer to play casually. Try out different ships and more story oriented games

  3. Yep that is exactly how it is for me, it needs to stay casual and "fun". This game is so easy to break when you start min/maxing power builds with a tournament mindset.

  4. I think most games benefit from being played in a casual manner. When at the table, I play to win as much as the next gamer, but I absolutely loathe min/maxing, preferring to play with a force composition that fits my imagination, rather than the opponent.

  5. It's a shame about hotz Matts, I have one and tried getting another one (several times over the last year) , and had no response as well. (think they may be out of business) You should try out a huge game of X-Wing, if you get the chance with a bunch of people, and get lots of models on the table, it's a blast.

    1. Yes I'm pretty dissapointed that Hotz matts didn't reply, I read on their site that they were moving their business to a new location and that there would be delays in production and delivery - which prompted me to ask them before ordering...

      They had several gaming matts that I wanted, including a gladiator arena. The high end products looked really good.

  6. Your girlfriend seems to be a superawesome lady person. And this game is actually better and more fun than I thought it would be ;)


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