14 June 2015

German late war Panzer support for Chain of Command

Thrilled by the last game I bought some additional troops to flesh out my German late war force. The purchase included a Panther, a PzIII and a StuG. I also bought a box of plastic grenadiers and Sdkfz 251 halftracks which will form a regular Infantry platoon as well as support in the shape of extra squads, panzerknacker team and half tracks with various loadouts. Once those are done I will move back to early war and start painting up Polish infantry (as I already have a ton of support options for that period painted up and ready).

Now, painting German late war Panzers really made me wish I had an airbrush but that will have to be a future purchase as I don't have space for a compressor in my tiny apartment at the moment.
Instead I tried my best to give the tanks the patchy 3 color camo using layering and washes.


  1. Replies
    1. In progress :-)
      Played some 40 hours already so it should be up soon :-D
      But I can say it is DAMN GOOD!

  2. I like the grungy late war effect you've gotten there - very nice

    What did you use for the camp netting on the Panther gun?

  3. I used a mosqito net, dyed and painted then dried before being glued onto the tank.


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