04 June 2015

Secrets of the Third Reich II Kickstarter imminent launch!

West Wind are gearing up towards their new "Secrets of the third Reich II" Kickstarter. A couple of years ago "SotR" was the game that finally sold me to wargaming outside the mainstream WHFB/WH40k sphere and I still consider it a solid game. The original rules were in my terms well written and worked really well, the main problems was point balance and some special rules that got abused. Hopefully these two areas have been cleaned up in the second edition, and I am happy to hear that Jonathan Bailey who was originally one of the writers of SotR will return to re-work the rulebook for the second edition.

I'll hope to get an interview with him and the West Wind staff about Secrets of the third Reich 2, and their  vision and plans for the future. So far, what is known is that there will be a core rulebook and an "army book" with army lists etc for all the armies.

What is quite certain however is that this will be a well run and tight Kickstarter. West Wind is one of those companies that deliver a well run Kickstarter, with good amount of feedback to their backers along the way, replies to questions and does not mess things up along the way. I was perfectly satisfied with their Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter. And as such look forward to what they will present for us with their new project. I wonder if many of the original ideas for Japan as a new faction and other expansion units will make their way into the new book. John and Jim of Grindhouse games tossed around ideas for an expansion a few years back but it didn't turn into something real despite many really interesting and cool aspects mainly due to the focus on other projects at that same time.

Sadly, my own economical situation a few years back, coupled with the decline of the original game at my club saw me selling pretty much my entire collection. I only save my precious Incursion miniatures and a load of Zombies, my Königstiger mecha and a few small special units. I'll see if interest for the game sparks at my current club.

This is what West Wind wrote in their launch message:

Hi Everyone,
Exciting times, we said we would keep you informed of our next project on Kickstarter.  Well, here we are with our new project.Secrets of the Third Reich - 28mm Weird WWII tabletop game and miniatures has been a huge success since its launch, and there is a loyal following for the game worldwide. Since we launched it, though, players have wanted three things from us. A tighter ruleset, expansion to other theaters, and of course, minis and some really cool new Mecha.  We've been listening, and the time is now right to launch Secrets II.

The SoTR II Kickstarter begins at 12 noon GMT, Friday 5th June.
If you enjoyed our last two successful Kickstarter campaigns, watch out, this one is going to be bigger and bolder than ever before!  We have lots planned, to include some really cool stretch goals, plus a host of superb Kickstarter only exclusives.  

It would be great to have your support along the way!  In the meantime, there are more updates on our Facebook page.

Bye for now everyone!
Andy Cooper and the West Wind Team"

Stay tuned :-)



  1. I'm excited and my long dormant Weird WW2 juices are flowing again!

    1. In the recent Meeples and Miniatures interview, it was also revealed that 2nd Edition will also include the Japanese. So get ready to move into the pacific theatre!

      Sorry to hear you had to sell all your models - your really had an amazing collection. Then again, you get to have fun making all new forces now instead!

    2. Yeah, it sucked but I was still a student at university and was strapped for cash so I had to sell most of my SoTR collection to fund other games that were being played at the time. I've done it before, with my GW collection where I sold numerous armies. In retrospect it would have been wonderful to have all those hundreds of painted up miniatures still in my collection for other games....

    3. Yes, that happens. The irony is that later in life you have the money to buy pretty much anything you want but don't have the same amount of time to paint an play with it...

      Anyway, as I recall you were lamenting the lack of a BAM StuG back at the time and a few other things, all of which have been made up in spades now. A plethora of plastic kits join this scale should give us some good modelling options too. Unfortunately there still doesn't seem to be much in the way of post 45 equipment (AT missiles, IR gear etc) to bolt on but given your skills I'm sure that would be too much of a challenge!

  2. Sorry to tell you, but...


  3. Dissapointing as I was looking forward to seeing the new rules, the Japs and the USMC.

    1. Weren't we all. Looking forward to hearing how WW intend to take this project forward


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