06 June 2015

SS Panzergrenadier platoon finished (and large factory pics)

Yesterday afternoon I finished painting my Panzergrenadier platoon, pretty happy with the end result, considering I have not been painting late war Germans at this scale before. The platoon is made up of a Senior officer, a 2-man Panzerschreck team and 3 Grenadier squads of 10 man each.

For  support I have a StuG and a Puma.

I have ideas for expanding this force with a Panzerknacker team, an additional infantry squad and some other tanks. Would be nice to run a Pz III or IV and a Hetzer along these guys. 

I also took pictures of the factory complex that I bought along with the cityscape buildings. It's a highly detailed custom made building with movable interior pieces and should make for great gaming opportunities.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. You can use the PSC kits to rapidly bulk out your force too if you want to add some more Panzers.


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