07 June 2015

SS Panzergrenadiers vs Soviet Tank riders: Chain of Command AAR

Today I tried out Chain of Command with Johan down at the club. It had been like a year since I've played this game last and I had forgotten all the rules so we were basically learning from scratch, which took some time and I am not sure we got the rules 100% right (will need to check the Too Fat Lardies forum later) - but we had a good time.

We played the 3rd scenario which is "Attack & Defend", where one side starts with a slightly larger deployment zone. I was the attacker and Johan defended with his Soviet tank riders. For support the German side picked a StuG III G, an adjutant and two satchel charges. The Soviet side picked a T-34 .76, and a satchel charge.

I did not take any note but a bunch of pictures, suffice to say that we started to get the hang of all the basics and some of the advanced rules by the end of the battle. We managed to try out both close combat with a disastrous German attack on SMG armed Soviet defenders, satchel charge attacks vs enemy tanks on both sides, tank vs tank warfare, sniper fire and playing around with the Chain of Command dice system. My Germans also found and looted some wine as part of a random event which increased their morale.

However, due to some bad luck with my command dice and well played Soviet lanes of fire the German side lost the battle and was forced to withdraw.

There were several guys at the club who looked very interested in the game and enjoyed the visual presentation - hopefully Chain of Command will see more gamers. Now I just need to expand with a few extra low cost support options for my Germans before starting to paint up single based Polish infantry for 1939!


  1. Interesting to see tank riders doing well in defence. How did the game play out? I'm assuming the Soviet player held his boys off table until the Germans got within 12"? Did the German player use scouts?

  2. Great, and really inspiring.

  3. Nice pictures and great loooking game!


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