12 August 2015

Additional models for Frostgrave

Since Frostgrave has an entire chart of monsters and animals that can appear on the battlefield I checked my drawers for models fitting for the game and found some use for my Bushido "savage wave" blister. I painted up the large demon as a Frost Giant and the smaller goblin as an "imp".

Also, when I ordered the "Frostgrave soldiers" plastic boxed set from NorthStar I threw in the offer they had going on sprues with undead (skeletons, zombies and ghouls). I really love that sprue and highly recommend the package for anyone interested in adding undead to their Frostgrave game or any other fantasy project. So far I test-painted a single skeleton and zombie though I have 5 more skeletons painted up (they would make a great Necromancer warband). I also painted up the zombie appearing from below as I figure I would use it as a marker for the "Bones of the earth" spell (skeleton hand grab hold of a model) and the skeleton dog as a small "familiar" type marker.

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