19 August 2015

Frostgrave: Genie in a bottle AAR

I introduced Frostgrave to my buddy Thomas, who already has a vast collection of wonderfully painted old Warhammer fantasy miniatures. The game has no restriction about what models you use, so you can translate the character profiles into pretty much any fantasy race you want - in this case Thomas fielded a warband of Orc!

We played starting warbands, I ran a Witch while Thomas ran a Summoner. The scenario was genie in a bottle, which means that one treasure piece - upon being picked up - can prove to be a magic lamp unleashing a very angry genie (represented by a troll model due to the lack of any genie in our miniature collections). The fight was pretty intense and full over crazy stuff happening.  Midgame a bunch of soldiers from both sides were fighting around two elevated ruins when the genie appeared out of a nearby treasure and started harassing my soldiers who panicked and began moving in opposite directions trying to dodge it. At the same time my opponent attempted to summon an imp, but failed and accidently summoned an uncontrolled major demon who opened a can of hurt upon his units.

We also had a random encounter with a zombie appearing, but compared to the other two big hitters already on the table he was taken care off quickly. In terms of kills my warband managed to slay the enemy Summoner - both sides buffed their troops with magic weapons cast by the Witch and the Summoner - though the humans proved luckier drawing first blood and then ganging upon the remaining bodyguards and later the enemy Summoner and dispatched them all. But not before one of the orcs snatched the nearby treasure and hauled it off table.

With the big monsters running amok in the center of the table I tried to run away from the Genie with my bowman but he was not quick enough and got caught in a fight. It seemed like all hope was lost but miracoulesly the thief won the fight, and having no way of causing wounds with non-magical weapon, he used his victory to push out of harms way from the genie and ran around a corner and actually lost his pursuer!

Watching the summoned demon put down the Summoner apprentice and then slaughtering a man at arms the two orc crossbowmen saw fit to withdraw, hauling a treasure chest with them. In the meantime my Witch apprentice used his magic powers to move a soldier up a ruin to grab hold of the last treasure and then move him down again. Angry demon in tow my guys started moving for the nearby table edge. My opponent now as this as a last chance to screw with me so he stopped with one of his crossbowmen and managed to shoot and kill the guy carrying the treasure as he was almost off table!

All in all it was a bloody battle, but a very fun one and a nice way to introduce this new game to Thomas.


  1. I said it on LAF but I'll say it again...that is a great table!

  2. Looks fantastic! That looks like a 4x4 foot table, a bit larger than the suggested table size in the rulebook. Did you run into any issues playing on a larger surface area?

  3. The more I hear about these rules the more I want to pick up a copy. I don't think I've read an AAR yet that has disappointed.

    Well done introducing your friend to them.

  4. Anatoli - what is your view of the game. I think I read that you were undecided.

    1. I posted a review not so long ago, my view is generally positive though there are a few bumps in the rules that may cause trouble in the long run when playing a campaign game. But I found this blog and good post on how to fix those things: http://www.bad-karma.net/frostgrave-campaign-change-recommendations/

      I will be using the campaign changes for our future games :-)

  5. Very cool game. My copy should arrive tomorrow, and I'll be putting together a gang from some DnD and Reaper minis I've got.

  6. Fantastic terrain and miniatures! Could you tell me what company produces this orcs?


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