03 August 2015

Frostgrave warband painted up

And now for a small distraction on the side, since I had sold off all of my fantasy miniatures I got talked into giving Frostgrave a chance. Purchased the rulebook and a box of 20 plastic "soldiers", a sprue of skeletons, zombies and ghouls along with some D20's and a wizard blister from NorthStar miniatures and  after a week I had my warband ready.

The plastic soldiers are "OK" I guess, though it has been a while since I painted plastic 28mm miniatures so I was a bit frustrated with the cleaning and how soft the edges were on the details compared to metal/resin castings. Another things I wasn't too pleased with was the "torn" clothing represented on the models which made it difficult for me to paint (having to pick colors that made sense/matched somehow) And as someone commented on the Lead Adventure Forum, it would ad been "better" with separate legs/torso pieces for more variety. There is also lack of armoured bodies in the box, so you will have to get other miniatures to fill in the likes of the armoured crossbowman/"marksman", Templar, Knight and so on. I will most likely attempt to add green stuffed chainmail to my next builds.

What the box does however is to provide you with 20 fairly custom individuals to represent a majority of the character classes in Frostgrave for a cheap buck. And I am actually very fond of the super flat bases that came with the box (I also ordered extra bases for the undead minis). I might end up basing all future "fantasy" stuff on similar bases.

The metal wizard and apprentice (I picked the Witch) on the other hand were a joy to paint and I'm quite happy with the result. I had actually ordered a Necromancer blister but it was left out of my order, instead I received 10 D20 dice when I had only ordered 2.... Not that big of a problem at the moment since I figure the Witch can represent a variety of wizards including the Necromancer. But I really wanted to have two warbands so that I could introduce the game to Caroline. But I figure I will order a wizard from Reaper Miniatures next month instead, along with some extras (really need a bear in 28mm for my Warband).

The game is set in a frozen city, and you probably would want snow on the bases to theme the miniatures completely - but I don't want to have a bunch of snow based minis when all my terrain and most of the terrain at the club is green/summer grass. So I went with bleached tufts as a compromise.

I actually got to try out Frostgrave this weekend and thought it was better than I had thought, though it is still too early to tell how it will hold up in the long run. There are a few problem areas that I think will need to be addressed, and probably will in the expansion book due to be released shortly. But I will write more about the game and my first impressions in my next Frostgrave post.


  1. Great stuff mate. I bought some at the weekend myself

  2. Those bases are fantastic!

  3. Started my warband lately as well. This soldiers are great. Very Mordheim mercenary-like. I love your painting as well. As always. And Te bases. Still I will add snow as it is Frostgrave after all.


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