24 August 2015

Polish 1939 Chain of Command platoon almost finished

Some pretty bad "nighttime" pictures taken with abysmal lightning but since I'm off on a vacation trip tomorrow this is as good as it gets until I get back home next week.

I painted like mad to get it finished before the trip and almost managed to paint it all - only the light mortar is left to paint and that won't take long. Had to scratch build a light mortar since I wanted the core platoon painted in the same colors even though I could have used one of the Flames of War light mortar teams I already have.

The platoon is huge:

HQ: Lieutenant and staff sgt
2 man anti tank rifle team
3 man light mortar team

3x 18 man rifle squads with integral BAR rifle support

Fortunately, I have a TON of support options already painted up for my Flames of War collection. So all the tanks, trucks, tankettes, guns and infantry support teams are ready to go :-)
Really looking forward to play Early War Chain of Command again!

I promise to post better pictures when I get back home.


  1. Very nice indeed! Fantastically fast, quality work.

  2. Looks great. I will be very interested to see how the battle goes.

  3. I like the looks of these. I've always liked early war Poles. I think they get a bad reputation because of what they were up against. Frank Chadwick did a great talk at Historicon a few years back about the WWII Polish forces and their relative quality. He also thinks they're unjustly classified in most rule sets. Good soldiers, bad situation.


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