23 August 2015

Polish 1939 platoon for Chain of Command beginning

Bought and based a Polish 1939 infantry platoon for Chain of Command. I was very tempted to disassemble my FoW miniatures and base them on single bases, but overcame that urge thinking that there might be a game for multi based 15mm WW2 miniatures around the corner some day that picks up where FoW left.

Anyway, the Polish platoon is roughly 60 miniatures, so there is lot of work to be done before this platoon is finished. The miniatures themselves are from Forged in Battle, I also have a motorized/cavalry platoon bought and waiting to be painted after this one is finished. Fortunately I only need to paint the infantry as I already have a ton of support options from my FoW collection.

Finally, I bought the "Polish paint set" from Warlord Games, thinking it would speed up my painting  a little and I also wanted to try out a slightly different paintjob. As it turns out the miniatures look pretty nice with the colors from the paint set so I'm quite happy.


  1. These look fantastic, love the detail on them, I'd struggle to paint 28mm to this standard. Excellent work!

  2. Look forward to seeing more of this. Been playing lots of late war CoC so maybe some early war soon. Although we have been talking about early Ww1 using CoC

  3. Thanks guys. Early War Chain of Command is a blast, highly recommend trying it out :-) !


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