08 September 2015

Chain of Command: German late war Sdkfz251's

Two Sdkfz 251 half tracks for my late war German Chain of Command platoon. These excellent models are from the Flames of War "Panzergrenadier platoon" plastic boxed set where you get some 30 infantry and 4 half tracks for a decent price tag.

Two more to be painted up as regular halftracks since I already built and painted the command vehicle. Anyway, the machinegunner is removable which is great for gaming purposes as you can remove him either as a casualty or when you empty the entire halftrack and there is no one left to mount a MG42.

I'm very pleased with the color choice, finally found a paint in my collection that works well as a worn "dunkelgelb" imitation - Vallejo Tierra Earth. I mix that with Vallejo Khaki color to get the highligts, and also wash the  vehicle with Warlord Games "Soft tone" in between those two layers. The antennas are made out of synthethic hairs from a broom.


  1. Lovely additions to your force - that 'not dunkelgelb' looks great!

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