05 September 2015

Frostgrave: Kit bashed Templar miniature

Wanted to add one of the specialist characters to my Frostgrave warband and had toyed with the idea of using the Warlord Games Roman legionnaire body for a while - the size of the Warlord Games ancient plastics and the Frostgrave Soldiers match up almost perfectly.

So the body is made up or a Roman legionary, on which I cut off the arms at the shoulders. Then I glued on Frostgrave soldier arms with the halberd and greenstuffed pants, boots and a fur cloak to have him look like his rag tag friends in winters clothing.
For the head I thought about using a Roman legionnaire head as well, but then I checked what else I had in my drawers, and found the old 2013 Salute plastic miniature which comes with a pretty badass ancient Greek style helmet. Problem was that the helmet was empty (supposed to sit pushed back on the head of the mini it belonged to), so I used a piece of plastic as a neck and glued it all together.

It looked pretty decent during the work in progress but adding paint made it better.


  1. Look awesome. Lovely work with the putty

  2. Excellent conversion work! Lovely result!

  3. Cracking stuff! The conversion work is superb but I especially like the colour tie in between the helmet crest and the weapon shaft. Nice one.

  4. Nice result from some clever modelling.

  5. Sweet Jeezuz that's beautiful! Great conversion my friend!


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