05 October 2015

Blog status update

The blog is not dead, but Caroline and I have spent the past two weeks moving to a larger apartment with a lot of work involved in repainting the walls, exhausting trips to IKEA and spending evenings building furniture and hanging up paintings....

I hope to resume the blogging once my computer/painting mancave is finished as we are still waiting for glass shelves and part of the drawers to arrive at the IKEA warehouse for pickup. Currently most of the hobby stuff is still packed down in various containers but I'm happy to have a dedicated painting station/desk now with room for all my paints and tools in one place.

The past two years had been a pain in the ass when it came to painting as I had to paint at our small kitchen table with poor lightning and pack up every time we were eating.

Just prior to the move I received some very nice 4Ground buildings for my French & Indian War games (they also work for Empire of the Dead, Wild West etc) and I bought a couple of gaming mats from Deep Cut Studio which I'm quite pleased with. I hope to post a review of that stuff soon!


  1. Best of luck with settling into the new home...stressful at the best of times.

  2. Moving is always a pain, but when you are done and have your own permanent paint station, it will be worth it.

  3. I feel the pain of having no real painting place. On the upside you got to assemble IKEA which is always fun! /s

  4. Moving is a pain indeed - I've moved 16 times in the last 24 years including 3 across the world, with a fourth one imminent... But also a little exciting if your hobby space is improved out of the deal. I hope nothing much was broken in the move and we'll look forward to some eye candy when its convenient - its always worth waiting for!

  5. How trip to IKEA can be exhausting? No way man :)

  6. Congrats on your new place!



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