10 October 2015

Hobby room set up and ready

The biggest change from our previous crowded and tiny apartment is that all the hobby related material fit into one separate room. I also wanted the computer and a painting station to be in the same space, and to have all the miniatures on display in somewhat dust secure cabinets.

Having a dedicated painting station means a lot. The past two years I was forced to paint on the kitchen table and clean up all the stuff in between meals or the occasional boardgame session.
I also had my painting supplies and hobby material spread out over a dozen boxes and drawers. Now I have everything in one corner, all the paints and brushes fit nicely into two desk drawers, all the bits, spare miniatures/yet to be painted stuff is organized neatly in translucent plastic toolbox drawers with tags and everything else such as glue, sand, basing material is also located in a separate drawer.

I also found room for pretty much all my boxed 15mm and 28mm in our closet, where I also have all the gaming mats for X-wing, Blood Bowl etc.

Best part is that I still have room left in the new display cases for the remainder of my ongoing projects as well as future purchases :-D

We also managed to cram all of our boardgames into one shelf located in the living room. Though I foresee a purchase of yet another shelf in  the imminent future at the rate we buy games.

Still have some photos and paintings to hang up on the walls but overall the place is finished.

Oh, and with the new apartment we finally had room to hang the awesome paintings we bought in Warsaw last year (I stumbled across a painting collection in a book store that I cherry picked). I framed them and hanged them in the dining room (where there is plenty of room for both 6-player boardgame sessions as well as miniature wargaming at last!).


  1. Excellent use of space - looks a lot larger than you describe. Love your excellent minis displays as well as the posters/paintings. I really like the one with the cuirassier.

  2. Don't see a map of Lithuania often! The place looks great, love the organization. Enjoy it!

  3. Great hobby space! You must be chuffed

  4. I hope you will have a lot of joy in your new mans cave :-)

  5. Excellent work. A really nice room, mate!

  6. It is very good to have separate room for hobby. Since I have my, I have noticed a significant increase with painted models. I wish you the same.

  7. Love the new place and especially the man cave. Now get painting, we want inspiration!

  8. I dream of having a room for wargaming and modelling again...


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